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Make Your Small Kitchen More Functional with These 5 Design Tips

The design of your kitchen plays a significant role when it comes to how functional it will be. Therefore, getting the most out of your kitchen space requires careful planning and consideration of various design features, whether you're building a new home or working on a kitchen remodel. Generally, space is one of the top limiting factors when designing a functional kitchen, especially if you have a small kitchen. However, with these tips, you can still transform your small kitchen into a highly practical cooking space.

Take Advantage of The Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Storage space is among the top challenges for smaller kitchens. Many kitchens tend to have a lot of unused space above the kitchen cabinets. You can convert this into practical storage space, especially for the items you use less frequently, such as baskets. Alternatively, if you are remodelling your kitchen, you can have your kitchen cabinets brought up to the ceiling.

Build an Undermount Sink

An undermount sink can save you a lot of the much-needed counter space in a small kitchen. Unlike a traditional sink, an undermount sink is installed under the countertop opening rather than sitting on top of the counter, leaving you with some extra countertop space where the sink's rim ordinarily would be. Single inset sinks can also work for a tiny kitchen space.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

You can also convert unused wall space into an excellent storage solution. You can hang pegboards on your walls for your pots, pans, and other utensils. The added advantage of wall storage is that it allows you to keep the items you use the most within your reach, so you don't have to rustle through your kitchen cabinets looking for your pots and pans.

Consider Slide-Out Prep Stations

A slide-out prep station from your kitchen cabinetry can also give you extra space to work on chopping your groceries. For extra functionality, you can have a hole in the middle of the prep station just over your garbage can to make it easier for you to dump pits and peels from your groceries.

Think of Pull-Out Cabinets

Having pull-out cabinets can also help you get the most out of your small kitchen. The design of these drawers is such that several pull-out trays are built within the cabinets. The trays offer you extra space to keep your dinnerware, plates, cups, and bowls. Pull-out trays will help you take the fullest advantage of the limited drawer and cabinet space in a small kitchen.

If any of these renovations interest you, consider talking to a kitchen remodeling service.