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How To Improve Your Tiny Home with Aluminum Fabrications

You may already know that aluminum, when properly treated and processed, can have a very durable and long lifespan. However, when you hear the words aluminum fabrication, you may be led to think of industrial factories or large construction sites. What may surprise you is the same fabrication methods that are used in larger construction sites and buildings can be used for your current tiny home project. If you aren't sure how it would all fit together, here are a few of the many ideas available to you.  

Rain Chains

One of the ways you can really add a special touch to your tiny home is to add rain chains instead of rain gutters. Rain chains can run the length from your roof to the ground and offer a slower rain flow to the ground than traditional gutter systems. This allows the ground you are on to soak up the water easily without causing puddles or run off. If you plan on traveling with your tiny home, this may be an ideal option depending on the lay of the land where you decide to park during rainstorms. Keep in mind you can take down the chains during travel or for cleaning so they do not pose a mobile hazard when travelling.

Window and Door Shutters

One of the many things you will come in contact with while living in a tiny home, especially if you are travelling, are varying weather conditions. Many tiny home owners tend to have something in place to protect their windows and doors during travel and while they are stationary at campsites or on their own land. You can do this as well by using aluminium fabricators. They can develop attached or removable shutters and door covers that fit over your windows and doors during travel and protect against heavy wind damage, rain damage and even snow damage depending on your travel plans.

Kitchen and Bath Fixtures

When you build your tiny home, you will likely be thinking of the durability of every aspect of the home. Though most people think about this, it becomes increasingly important for tiny home builders since it is primarily a DIY project with only small aspects being handled by professionals. It also becomes more important if you are trying to stick to a budget and you want to ensure that the cheaper or repurposed materials you use are durable. One way to do this in the kitchen and bath areas is to go with aluminum options. Your chosen aluminum fabricators can help with this by developing sinks, shower stalls and water storage that are ideal for the scale of a tiny home.

These are just three of the many ways that you can use aluminium fabricators to help with your tiny home construction and reaching your final project goal. They can also add a personalized touch through texturing, coloring or just by adding something unique like the rain chains.